Now released from Outskirts Press: In the Trenches, A Guide for Leading Volunteers.

Wise leaders know it’s never good to be in the trenches alone. This book will keep you company there. Every youth leader can use some help. Every youth leader who has a vision can definitely use some help. That’s what In the Trenches is all about. Helping you. A concise, easy to read book to help youth leaders begin, grow and properly use a volunteer team. This book is a must read for any youth leader who has a vision that they cannot accomplish alone!

Proceeds from In the Trenches goes directly to help families in need.

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Now released through Amazon: Foundational Doctrine (What the Church Believes and How Christians Live)

An understanding of foundational doctrines and beliefs of Christianity is, without question, important. The worldwide Church should stand arm in arm from the starting point and basis of our beliefs. Though there will always be differences of non-essential doctrines and beliefs within our Faith, which in turn cause spirited debate and discussion within our ranks, it should never create separating division. The following is an attempt to define the foundational doctrines and beliefs, though at times venturing into some of the non-essentials.

I had the opportunity to be a contributor to this book. A solid look at the foundations of the Christian Faith!

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