Valleys: A Short

We all want the mountain top. The experience. The feeling. We search for it, chase it. Even, at times, try to force it (and dangerously I might add).

In search of the mountain top you may find yourself continually in the valley. A walk there that is lasting much too long. 

Perplexed. Frustrated. Hurt. Lost. Feeling alone.

But, even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me. David wrote that. He must have experienced it.

In the valley, He is there. Even in the valley that may come to be named the Shadow of Death. Even that valley does not cancel God out. He is in the valley as much as He is on the mountain top. 

Since God is there, fear no evil. Keep walking, even if you’re limping. And learn. Grow. Be shaped. Become. Learn patience. Be content with Him and Him alone. He wants you to walk with Him there- in that valley-, consciously, deliberately. Trust Him.

You will find yourself on the mountain top again at some point. He is there too. But even though you don’t search for the valleys- you don’t chase them, you certainly never try to force them-, the lessons of the valley are as important as the experience of the mountain top. 


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