The Beautiful Journey

The journey with Jesus is The Beautiful Journey.

It is a journey walked out in this wondrous but fallen world.

It is a story of reconciliation, restoration, and new creation.

It is a journey of things being made new.

It is like a plant that grows in fits and starts.

It is a life of faith.

It is a life of belief and a certain way of living.

It is answering the call to “Follow me.”

It is picking up your cross and losing your life.

It is the perseverance in the midst of the uphill climb.

It is the pressing on in the midst of the dry desert.

It is the narrow road.

It is the race to run that has been marked out for us.

It is the continuing on after a fall, bloody knees and all.

It is walking in His blessings.

It is walking through trials and the testing of faith.

It is the working through of hurts and pains.

It is wrestling with God.

It is dancing with God as He takes the lead.

It is mourning due to the depravity of our world.

It is smiles and laughter and dancing due to restoration of our world.

It is glimpses of the new things to come.

It is the individual story entwined into community with the stories of all others on this journey.

And through it all being continually taken to green pastures and quiet waters in our souls.

When we look back on our journey with Jesus we will call it beautiful.


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