Things New; challenge yourself in 2011

If you’ve been to my site before, you can see the obvious changes. New year, new site. In the subpages above are some new leadership resources (the first of which will be an example of our volunteer application and youth staff manual at 24seven), plus a link to the 24seven Youth Church podcasts. If these links are not up and going when you read this, they will be soon. (I’m a bit of a computer idiot, it takes me a little while to get everything figured out) Yes, not all youth pastors are tech savvy…Also, new with this site is that you can subscribe to this blog . I’ll continue to put out Leadership Tips, but change it up a little with other things added to it.  So, enough of the things new…

Good leaders challenge themselves. As a youth leader, because you do lead, you need to challenge yourself.  Don’t ever get lazy in your own spiritual journey. It’s a journey because there are no short cuts or quick fixes to transformation, digging deeper into the depths of God, or having encounters with Him. Mark Galli writes in Jesus Mean and Wild that we are taught in such a way that requires patience and searching. Very true. (This, by the way, is something you need to instill into your students. The microwave, have it now generation has a tendency not to be patient in seeking God or patient in the work of partnership with the Holy Spirit that brings about transformation). As a pastors/leaders who are consistently taking time to put together some sort of message for students we often let this time of preparation become the only time we are in the Bible digging and studying. Our prayer time (& fasting) ends up being mostly about the ministry and the students and the vision and so on.  And often our personal worship time, or meditation on God’s Word, or even times of silence and being still before Him are practically non-existent. The Bible contains several verses that talk of seeking God, one written by David (who is so raw and real in his emotion in the Psalms that he wrote) is found in Psalm 27:8. It says “My heart says of you, “Seek his face!” Your face, Lord, I will seek.” Simple,but profound. Simple, but life altering. Simple, but prospective changing. Can this be the simple cry of our heart, the base motivation of what we do, being about Him which will then move us to be about His Kingdom? Challenge yourself and renew (stir up) the desire to see God. Don’t let the whirlwind of the busyness of ministry and life pull you away from taking time for the avenues available to seek Him. If seeing God is your end, then you need the means to meet it. You want to see more of God in some way? You want to experience Him  more? You desire an encounter with Him? You want to continue to transform into His intention for you? You want to be used by Him, his Kingdom through you? Then you have to do what is necessary to be in a place so those things can happen. Again, the means need to meet the end. This is not a legalistic sanction, but a desire driven want and need. The base of proper ministry comes from a life that has as its first priority seeking God. You simply cannot do with out it; you can’t do without it personally and the ministry you lead cannot do without it. 

As quoted above, Jesus Mean and Wild by Mark Galli is an excellent read. I recommend to you to pick up a copy and read it.  

Also, if you love pictures of the mountains, photographer Erik Stensland can be found on Facebook (I think you can put in Morning Light Photography in the search to find him).  I do not know him personally but love his work. Check it out. 

Keep on the journey…


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